Exponential 2022 Global Conference
Empowered: Moving With The Spirit

March 7-10, 2022
Orlando, FL

The single command that Jesus gave his followers before igniting a movement was “ Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised… ” He was telling them to wait for and then move with the Spirit. In 2022, we’ll discover a growing awareness of the Spirit’s work and leadership while also realizing that we will always be more effective if we move with the Holy Spirit.


21 Days of Empowerment: A Guide to Empowering Your Life to Live by the Spirit


Join us as we prepare our hearts for Exponential Orlando 2022 — Empowered: Moving with the Spirit. Whether you are joining in-person or online, we invite you to journey with us in prayer, fasting, scripture reading, and dependance on the Holy Spirit for church multiplication to increase.

Empowered: Pastoral Perspectives on Life and Leadership in the Spirit


Empowered exists to inspire and equip pastors and other church leaders to grow in their own knowledge and experience of the Holy Spirit and to lead their churches to do the same. This book provides both a theological framework for life and leadership with the Holy Spirit and practical advice from pastors who have been on this journey themselves.

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Exponential Looks to Next Season of Multiplication

Amidst all the uncertainty surrounding the future of the U.S. church, Exponential is championing church multiplication with confidence, optimism, and intentionality. Our mission is to see healthy church reproduction become a normative measure of success in the church, as measured by at least 16% of U.S. churches (an estimated 53,000 congregations) reproducing. Why 16%? This is the threshold at which sociologists consider new behaviors as normal. This NEXT season brings new opportunities and ventures, all tied to the 16% mission, including several key leadership transitions and the upcoming relaunch of Leadership Network (acquired by Exponential last year). After co-founding and…

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